Musical variety and visual theatre magic to be seen and heard in the Children’s Concerts of the State Orchestra of Lower Saxony Hanover on the Opera House-stage. A lovable alien – Pentatoni Mollidur, or Toni for short, a citizen of the planet Ohr Centauri – was lured to the Opera House by the music playing at the Children’s Party. Now, Toni is discovering all the sounds of orchestral music.

These concerts for children between the ages of 6 and 10 years prove that music, instruments and, of course, listening, can be lots of fun – as usual, they will be combined with a family performance on Sunday and a school performance on Monday. Ticket prices for family concerts are still reduced as part of a subscription!


1st Children’s Concert

29. & 30.11.2020


2nd Children’s Concert

07. & 08.03.2021


3rd Children’s Concert

27. & 28.06.2021