Festival: Dämonen

16. - 18.04.2021



16.04.2021 Bohuslav Martinů The Greek Passion / Die griechische Passion
17.04.2021 Claudio Monteverdi L’Incoronazione di Poppea / Die Krönung der Poppea 18.04.2021 Giuseppe Verdi Otello


Accompanying Programme
Introductions, post-performance talks, conversation with experts, film series


A small festival dedicated to contemplating a core subject of this season: After the FESTIVAL: PASSIONEN, originally planned for the spring of 2020, this time we will take a closer look at the demonic fascination that attracts us to evil. Who or what can tempt us into leaving the straight and narrow path and to long for the dark abyss? What price do we pay for breaking the rules?


The audience will have an opportunity to join experts in a discussion of three very special works that focus on seduction, megalomania, intrigue, the lust for power and other human weaknesses. Claudio Monteverdi makes no attempt to hide his characters’ mental abysses. He relies on historic material: Emperor Nero’s court is a world of immorality and licentiousness, avidity, abuse of power, bloodlust and ruthless egotism. And even Monteverdi’s music corrupts its listeners: At the end of the opera, it rehabilitates the murderous couple Nero and Poppea with one of the most moving love duets in musical history. Otello, the invincible warrior, falls victim to the malice of a subordinate and commits a demented murder-suicide. The scheming underling, however, escapes punishment. Demons are lurking everywhere, evil is immortal, it fascinates and allures us and finds its way into our thoughts and emotions. We have to stay watchful of all its seductive and destructive facets – and we invite you to join us!